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What is Lifeline Telephone Service?
Lifeline service is intended to assist in making telephone service affordable for all customers. The following summary describes how the program works.

A Lifeline customer's telephone bill is lowered by an amount equal to the Federal Communication-ordered Interstate Access Charge (currently $5.00). This means a 50% reduction in the monthly FCC Access Charge and an equal dollar amount reduction in the rate for basic local residential exchange service.

Who is eligible for Lifeline discounts?
In order to be eligible for the discount, the applicant must meet state set income criteria. In New York, individuals must be Income Eligible to receive assistance through one of eight state programs: Medicaid, Home Relief, Supplemental Security Income, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Home Energy Assistance Program, Food Stamps, Veterans Disability Pensions or Veterans Surviving Spouse Pensions.

How do I apply for the discount?
Complete the application below and return it with proof of eligibility as described in the application to your local telephone company.

Do any restrictions apply?
Please be aware that your telephone company will periodically confirm your Lifeline discount eligibility is still in effect. If you are no longer eligible, you will be notified that your discount will be discontinued.

Download Ontario Application
Download Trumansburg Application