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I am delighted to share our most recent company news:

FLTG Tech Summits & Carrier Road Show

FLTG recently complete a 5 city tour of our Annual Tech Summits. Our Technology Summits are a tradition where we share with current and future customers what is new with FLTG, our networks and product offerings, and what is happening industry wide. We presented to customers and partners in Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, Elmira, & Ithaca. In April, the Carrier & Wholesale Team launched our Carrier Roadshow, bringing these topics to our Carrier partners throughout NY State and beyond.

Our goal in these events is to educate on what FLTG is offering our customers in 2015 and our plans to continue to provide differentiated service offerings. As you already know, there has been a huge shift in the way customers do business and we are fully committed to help you be successful with your customers during these times of rapid change.

Below is a recap of a few of the hot topics that we shared at the Tech Summit.

The 2015 Carrier Road Show presentations are customized to meet the specific needs of our carrier clients and we have already traveled thoughout the USA meeting customers and prospects. While the roadshows have been underway for several weeks we still have stops planned in Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, and a second stop in New York City. So if you are interested in a meeting, please let us know. Call or email Carrier Services for more details and to set an event specifically tailored to meet your needs.

FLTG Hosted Communications Services (HCS)

Customers are increasingly migrating from a Capex to Opex model of purchasing technology, and from Premise based to “Cloud” based solutions. FLTG has developed and grown our product offering to fully meet our customer’s changing demands. In the past, the core limiting factor to cloud services has been the underlying cost of bandwidth. To run reliable services from the cloud you need dependable, affordable bandwidth to access your solution real time. 

FLTG has spent the last 8 years building our regional fiber network that today is comprised of over 2,000 miles of fiber to 29 markets. Our state of the art fiber network is the foundation of access for our customers to use cloud services. The key advantage of fiber based networks is scalability. With a few simple key strokes you can go from 5MB to – 50MB or greater within minutes. In addition, our network interconnects with over 17 other carriers to allow you to service your customers throughout the entire state and beyond. 

The most important factor in your customer deciding to use Hosted Solutions is how this solution is going to help them run their business to drive bottom line return. In the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins he says “Technology never propels a company to greatness, it can only accelerate the momentum of a great business strategy” It is our goal at FLTG to help your customers realize one of the following benefits:

1. Reduce Cost & Risk
2. Increase Revenue
3. Improve Customer Satisfaction
4. Increase Partner Engagement
5. Increase Mobility
6. Enhance Workspace Flexibility

FLTG’s Hosted Communication Services (HCS) Product Offering is depicted below. We built our products to match our customer’s level of comfort from Purely Hosted, to a Hybrid with some still premise based, and On Premise that is managed by FLTG. The HCS product is an extension of FLTG’s ability to provide Cisco solutions. FLTG holds over 100 specilizations and certifications that can be utilized to deploy Cisco cloud based services.

So what should your customers be looking for in a solution provider? This is what ZK Research says are the keys to finding the right provider:

Breadth of solution: Unified communications and collaboration(UC&C) are both very broad terms. Many solution providers use just one of the terms, and offer only a very small portion of what an organization needs to build a full collaboration strategy. At minimum, the solution should provide basic UC functions such as voice and Web conferencing and chat, but also areas like videoconferencing, telepresence and other emerging collaborative applications. In addition to internally facing collaborative applications, the solution provider should be able to deliver customer-facing collaboration tools such as CRM or contact center applications.

Highly secure solution: Delivering applications from the network can make any IT or business leader nervous due to the risk of a security breech. Choose a solution provider that can deliver a service with a high level of security with regard to application access and securing the information. Additionally, the vendor needs to be able to provide device security as part of the service. End-to-end, integrated security is a must when it comes to evaluating cloud-based service.

Robust management interface: When looking at the functionality of services, look past just the collaboration tools and into the management interface. Does the solution allow IT to self-manage the environment by doing moves, adds and changes? How easily can new services be provisioned? Can you manage by user, or by group? Ensure all of the management tasks needed for day-to-day operations are available.

Visibility tools: Real-time voice and video are subject to erratic performance due to network issues. Ideally the solution will be not only integrated into the network, but also will provide visibility into network performance. This will allow network managers to avoid performance issues.

FLTG's HCS product offering is built on a platform specifically designed for the cloud: Many solution providers offer a service built on technology that predates the cloud era. Check with the solution provider to ensure the service is optimized for the cloud and provides a user experience that is similar or superior to a premise-based solution. 

What’s your call next step? Set up an appointment with us to demo our HCS FX portfolio of products to see how we can help you provide the cloud to your customers.Please contact us via email at Carrier Services

Business Continuity in the Age of the Cloud

Network connectivity is a vital part of business activity in today's markets. Companies require viable Internet / wide area network (WAN) connectivity in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive and global business landscape and to insure that business is not interrupted. Many companies that have traditionally hosted applications on premise are now migrating those applications to a cloud platform:and these platforms are typically built on one of 3 network architectures - private, public or a hybrid solutions. However, the benefits and cost savings enjoyed by companies who implement cloud computing are severely impacted if their last mile data connections fails. Private and public WANs share potential points of failures of the Internet Service Provider, Cloud Service Provider (CSP), or physical line failure. A loss in connectivity leads to a total disconnect to all of the cloud computing customer's resources. All applications are cut off, including mission critical traffic such as Voice over IP (VoIP), thin client and others.

FLTG and FatPipe have partnered to provide a solution to provide customers with maximum uptime in their WAN. FatPipe is the market leader, creator and multiple patents holder of multi-line WAN technology for cloud computing. Whatever the platform -- Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and/or Hybrid Cloud - FatPipe provides the security, optimization and redundancy tools you need to succeed.

When preparing to implement cloud computing or evaluating a current cloud computing setup, companies need:

Ensure WAN Redundancy - Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Software as a Service (SaaS), and other services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are all distribution models that require last mile redundancy. FatPipe is unique in the industry as it holds multiple patents on its technology that aggregates lines of any type using multiple ISPs without BGP 
Ensure WAN Reliability - Thin Client, VoIP calls, and VPN sessions are not dropped when lines fail - using FatPipe's MPSec technology. Data transfers, financial transactions and voice calls are not interrupted or dropped if lines fail. 
• Implement Quality of Service (QoS) and WAN Optimization - A company's bandwidth capacity can impact the end user's Cloud Computing experience. WAN performance is key to cloud adoption, as slow performance can jeopardize the whole effort and negate the cloud benefits. Utilizing FatPipe's WAN optimization tools, including WAN caching, compression, deduplication, and QoS to prioritize guarantees bandwidth based on application or port

A FLTG / FatPipe solution helps companies get the greatest bang for their buck for their wide area network. A redundant connection connect does not need to be only used in the event of a primary link outage. This link can be used for active / active load balancing, burstable bandwidth, and network redundancy thus ensuring that invested resources are providing RoI even under normal operating conditions. 


Thank you for your continued support of, and interest in, FLTG and our family of companies. If there are topics of interest that you would like to see in future newsletters, please let us know an we will do our best to include them. 



Paul Griswold
President & CEO
Finger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc.

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